Skimanager.it is a website designed by an ex-athlete, currently coach of alpine ski, designed to help teams and coaches to organize the work outside of the tracks and evenings spent in the laboratory.
Similarly will be used by athletes (and their parents) to understand how they can still improve, in addition to keeping the memory of all their workouts, races, injuries and everything related to this amazing sport.

Managing Website

the website of your team is expensive and complicated to update?

you forget to renew your domain or web space?

you can not find your site in the search engines?

you want a constantly updated graphics and a site safe from the dangers of hacking?

looking for more visits and, consequently, sponsors happier?

SKIMANAGER offers you a public-page to showcase your contacts, a map, the organization chart of the coaches and the board; other pages to illustrate your activities, the history of the club and its sponsors. Daily and weekly backup. And do not worry about anything else!

you'd like to quickly send messages via email at all, or only some coaches (example only head coaches), or only to certain athletes (eg category female children, born in 2002, or those who have the medical examination expired)?

you'd like to create an event with invitations, so that everyone receives email with the event info: time, location, type of event (meeting, training, race, etc) and they can add it to your calendar?

you'd like to send newsletters to your members, quickly and without risk of forgetting someone?

SKIMANAGER gives you the ability to send messages to all members, or groups of persons, choosing criteria managed by advanced filters. It can also create events on the calendar, where each affiliated involved find them automatically on their personal calendar, on PC or smartphone!

you have dozens of files and folders scattered around the computer?

you need to keep under control the master data of members, the expiration of medical visits, the term of the insurances, stamp duty, revisions of buses?

you'd like to add personal notes to each athlete and monitor attendance to training?

With SKIMANAGER you have all the data within the same page. From there, you can print or edit them and receive notifications on different deadlines!
Management of the training data

you enter data on spreadsheets that are difficult to create and data entries different from other coaches?

these data are present only on your pc, with the risk of loss, theft, damage?

you are handing the report to your athletes only at the end of the season?

would you like a daily feedback from your athletes about their psychophysical condition and stamina?

wish you could have the history of all activities carried out in the past by an athlete, his races, his injuries, his strengths and weaknesses?

With SKIMANAGER you have a database already prepared and accessible from any device connected to the Internet, with all the competitive life of an athlete, to keep you updated in real time on improving the performance of each one and their feedback!
Management of the workouts

you want to control the number of trials, gates, speed, of every single workout, every discipline, in a data range, or all of a season?

you want to see graphs representing the percentage of work done for each discipline?

you want to customize the input fields to add entries on the type of snow, weather conditions, type of route, the slope of the track?

look for data concerning the athletic training?

look for information regarding athletic or ski tests?

look for information about competitions, rankings, detachment, FIS points?

look for insert videos, technical corrections, disciplinary and psycho-physical notes of each athlete?

SKIMANAGER allows you to put every detail of the ski trainings, athletic workouts, athletic tests and competitions, and you can enter technical or disciplinary notes, and receive feedback from each athlete!

you write dozens of SMS or email to notify your athletes about the training sessions planned or departure times?

would like to have a real-time list of athletes who will participate in a workout, a race, an event?

with SKIMANAGER you can send email messages to all or just some of the athletes selected, to warn them about the scheduled appointments. You can also create an event with invitations in the calendar and control participants as they confirm it!
Your own story

would you like to have a complete database of your agonistic activity, including of all skiing workouts, athletic training, athletic tests, competitions, technical and behavioral notes, accidents, moods, your strengths and weaknesses?

you wish you could write your comments and your feelings to every workout?

would you like to compare your workouts, tests, races over the years?

you'd like to share your activities on facebook or twitter?

would you like to offer this enormous database to your coaches, eg when you will become part of the national team?

SKIMANAGER displays all the training done in all the years of agonistic activity, allowing you to not lose track of your hard work and giving you and your coaches the opportunity to understand where you can improve!


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